I have forgotten the email address of my user account. How can I recover it?

Consult the contact mentioned in the imprint so that we can identify your account.

I want to change the email address on my user account. How can I do this?

Consult the contact mentioned in the imprint so that we can modify the email address in your user account.

A user account with my email address already exists.

An email address can only be associated with one user account. If your own email address has already been used even though you have no user account yet, please contact the GVMANAGER Online portal using the contact in the imprint, so that we can determine the owner of the user account and terminate any potential abuse.

I forgot my password. How can I sign in again?

Use the link „Password Lost?“ on the sign-in page. You will have to enter your email address, and if that address is correctly linked to a user account, you will receive the required email containing a link for resetting the password.

I received a link for resetting my password but it no longer works.

The link for resetting the password can be used only once and gets invalid afterwards. Request if needed again an email link to reset the password by using the link „Forgotten Password?“ in the application on the GVManager Online portal.

I have no email address and password to sign in.

You have to create a user account first. Once you have registered with the GVMANAGER Online portal, you will be able to sign in.

I don't receive the SMS code.

Delivery of the SMS code takes places through aspsms.com. Please verify that your mobile operator is included in the list of supported networks.

Why can I neither grant a procuration nor order an admission card?

In this case you have either already ordered an admission card or there are no shares currently registered in your name with the share register.

If you have already ordered an admission card but cannot attend the general meeting personally and would therefore like to grant a proxy to the Independent Proxy instead, please contact your share register. A new one-time code will then be issued.

If no shares are currently registered in your name with the share register, you cannot grant a proxy or order an admission card until your shares have been registered again.

Which instructions will apply if I grant a proxy both electronically and by mail?

If you give instructions using multiple channels, the date of the last declaration of intention will prevail (date of usage of the portal, date of written power of attorney). In case of identical dates, the electronic instructions will prevail. The electronic or written order of an admission card supersedes prior instructions in any case.

What will happen to a proxy already granted if I order an admission card? 

The proxy granted will become void if you order an admission card.

Why can I not order additional publications?

You can only submit one electronic order of publications, and for only one copy of each publication type. If you would like to order additional publications, please contact your share register. You can find the contact details in the invitation to the general meeting.

What is the difference between the domicile address and the correspondence address?

The domicile address is your physical address; your mail is typically delivered there. If you have submitted an alternative address to your share register for the delivery of your mail, this is your correspondence address.

How can I as a corporate body submit a change of address?

Please enter the name of the company in the „Name / Company“ field of the address form and leave the „First Name“ field blank.

Why is my submitted change of address not visible anywhere?

Address changes are not stored in the GVMANAGER Online portal but are forwarded to the share register in charge; therefore, the entry form is always empty.

I have another question.

Please contact your share register. You can find the contact details in the invitation to the general meeting.